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Family friendly furnitureI’ve written a bit before about some different decorating ideas around the house to help you get organized. These have included various tools and items such as storage bins to help get things under control. I’ve also talked a bit about easy tips for decorating a living room or a kids room. However, I’ve recently discovered a great online store that specalizes in Modern Chairs & Sofas for kids that I think really addresses some of the concerns of a family looking to get organized as well as have nice, clean and modern furniture designed for families.

FF Modern has helped solve some of the difficulties parents have in finding modern furniture that is actually made for a family. They have nice looking, quality furniture that is designed to address things like spills and bumps.  So, they use surfaces that are easy to clean and avoid sharp corners.  They also integrate useful features like hidden storage, space saving designs and stackable pieces.  All of this, plus it’s made in America and has a lifetime warranty.  A nice added aspect of shopping online at FF Modern is that shipping is free and there is no sales tax outside of California.

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4 Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room

The fact remains that the type of home builds we have today usually come with a smaller living room. But by decorating it effectively, you can make the smaller spaces look visually appealing and spacious. Think of it as a magician’s touch in interior design. In the following article, we discuss a few tips to decorate your small living room in a smart way…

#1: Select Light Furniture

When you’re decorating a small living room, you should select the furniture first. Look for furniture pieces that have legs and are light in color. Why? It’s mainly because lighter colors tend to occupy less visual weight, while the legs help in making the space appear much more open by providing a clear view of the floor.

Coffee tables, as well as end tables in glass and metal, also let the eye roam through the pieces, consuming a little amount of visual space when compared to dark wood, which gives the opposite effect. When purchasing light furniture, try and use discount coupons for West Elm so that you can save money without compromising on quality.

#2: Go for a Lighter Color Scheme

One of the important goals that you need to focus on is to use colors that go with your small living room, in order to give an impression of a much larger space. So when it comes to the color scheme, understand that cooler colors work great for your living room. But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the brighter colors – you can use hints of them in pillows or accent rugs.

Also, know that small spaces look the best with a “3 color pallete” or even less than that. In case you like texture, then think about using a monochromatic scheme. And finally, to get that clean and flowing feeling, you can go for bare woods that come in lighter tones

>#3: Use Mirrors the Right Way

It’s a well-established truth that mirrors can make a small space look much bigger than it is. However, using them effectively is not that simple. This is because mirrors work best through the reflection of light. This can either be the wall’s light color or simply the reflected light. So when trying to use mirrors effectively, you need to take notice of a few things. But before that, see to it that you buy a quality mirror for the room, not a cheap one. Be smart with quality and as well as the price; take advantage of Black Friday ads 2013 to get your mirror at a discounted price.

Get clear and be aware about what gets reflected in the mirror. You can check this by standing in different positions in the living room. This step is important because what reflects in your mirror can increase or decrease visual space. So if your mirror reflects the wrong thing then it can decrease visual space, which can make your living room look smaller.

#4: Focus on Vertical Lines

While you’re decorating your living room, don’t forget that it has a “vertical axis”, which needs to be emphasized. You should add things to this space so that anyone looking in the direction has his/her eyes move upward, away from the furniture. So what can these things be? What all can you use to emphasize the vertical lines?

To start with you can use floor lamps, full length draperies, big vases that come with tall twigs, long mirrors, matles, vertical/stacked paintings, tables with multi layered arrangements, mantles, etc. The choices are many, so choose something that goes with your taste and also complements the overall look of your living room.

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Your closets, of all places, seem to be in continual need of care and attention. Getting organized here is not always that easy to do for a number of reasons.

Generally, we have an easier time buying new clothes and putting them up in the closet than going through our old ones and throwing them out. It’s amazing how attached we can become to an old shirt we haven’t worn for years. Or perhaps you think that someday you’ll fit into those old jeans you looked so great in when you were 20.

The closet also usually has the advantage of a closed door to hide the mess and clutter. If your friends or family stop by for a quick visit it’s easier to just throw your things under the bed or into the closet to worry about later. Unfortunately, it’s not always to easy to go back and straighten up the mess.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?

This is really an unfortunate way to treat your space, especially when there are closet organizers available that will allow you to completely redefine the storage for your clothes and shoes. You can then create a space that you can really be proud of, and you might even rediscover some clothes you forgot you had!

The first step to really get you started is to be honest with yourself about what you truly need to keep.  This de-cluttering process can be quite liberating after you’ve eliminating a lot of the excess stuff that’s crowding you out of your closet. Don’t be afraid to throw out that 10-year-old sweater just because it cost you $100 on an impulse buy.  If you haven’t worn it in a few years you likely won’t anytime soon.  Pass it along to someone else you know who might like it or donate to your local charity.

Next, seriously considering getting some professional help from a company like California Closets. You can get a design consultation from someone who is trained to help you develop an organization setup that is custom to your specific space and needs. If you have a terrific new layout that completely fits your situation and looks great, you’ll likely have a much easier time keeping it clean and organized.

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Do you have an organized pantry? Of course, organization in your pantry, like your refrigerator and other appliances , is key to a kitchen that is organized and easy to use.  This week, guest poster Tim Eyre examines what your pantry organization skills say about you.
Pantry OrganizationYou should never judge a book by its cover. But is it possible to judge a person by his pantry? Well, I’m not normally one to judge anybody. But I’ve found that when I walk into someone’s home and look at his or her pantry, a mental image of the owner instantly takes shape in my mind—and I am amazed at how accurate that mental image usually turns out to be!

No, I’m not just talking about the difference between a neatnik and a slob—that can be pretty obvious to anyone. I’m talking about more fundamental character traits—what the person is like, how he/she approaches life, and even sometimes what he/she does for a living.

You can tell a lot about people by how they organize things. And very often you need to look no further than their pantry to get all the clues you need. Here are some common personality types and the kinds of pantries you most likely will find in their homes: Read More→

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Motorola Xoom TabletTablet apps are made to further improve your lifestyle. For example, a game application will keep you and your family occupied for hours; a grocery app will help you decide when it is the most convenient to buy what; an app can also enable you to track where your family members are currently at. These apps can aid in your everyday lives in a lot of ways so it is actually good to make apps a part of your family’s life.

Here are 7 awesome family tablet apps that you can download that support family life:

Daily Living Apps

1. GPS Tracker

If you want to know the whereabouts of everyone in your family, installing GPS Tracker is one of the best things you can do. With this tool, you will be able to know the location of your family and friends, as well as share your whereabouts as well.

2. Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ is probably one of the best of its kind. This grocery helper will enable you to create a list of groceries and estimate the total amount of the product so you can keep your list within your budget range. The perfect app for an organized family!

3. Epicurious

Dinner is an important time for families. It is the time when everyone bonds and shares one another’s story. Of course, if you want to make the meal time better, make sure you have yummy delicacies on the table. That is why Epicurious is a great app that can give you some new and delicious recipes to try.

Fun Games

4. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is probably one of the most popular applications on tablet PC’s and smartphones. Tablet PC users from all around the world uses this game application. It is a simply game that everyone can surely enjoy. Adults and kids alike will have fun playing this game while they learn some physics mechanisms together.

5. Scrabble Words Finder

Scrabble Words Finder is an educational game that can be a great past time for families. Divide your family in teams and start twisting those letters and race to get the higher score.

Educational Tools

6. The Lorax

Dr. Seuss is always a family’s favorite that is why The Lorax application is a great app for families. It is actually an eBook that is great for past time and bed time stories.

7. Park Math

Park Math is an award winning application. This app enables learning math easier and more fun. If you have a little child who is preparing to go to school, this app can help give him a start with basic math.

These are just some of the many helpful applications out there to help organize your family life, keep you and your children entertained, and help your child with reading and math.

This guest post was written by Danny who  likes to write from