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You might think that as a professional organizer, my stress is relieved by organizing or cleaning. Not so. If life is chaotic, and things have gotten messy, organizing is necessary for me to even function.

As a Myers-Briggs personality profile facilitator, I have learned that stress relievers are not generated from the areas of your natural giftedness, but the opposite. Can you see that moving out of the area where you spend most of your time is a break from the usual – a relief?

For some, cleaning and organizing provides that break. Here are a few 5-minute stress relievers in this area:

1. Clean out a drawer.

2. Clean out a drawer or shelf in the fridge.

3. Make a list of your favorite things to do, and plan when you will do one.

4. Declutter a room or surface.

5. Make a to-do list or prioritize the one you have. Read More→

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It’s September and here that means back to school has arrived. So have the newsletters, teacher notes, dance registrations, band forms, lunch program and picture day forms.

homecontrolI am lost in a pool of paper and determined to not be as ‘unorganized’ as I was last year. or to drown under the pile.

So this busy mom has dusted off her mom time management skills and has managed to get through the first week of school with everything under control.

My family time management control center is back up and running… complete with;

1) a LARGE desktop calendar – stuck onto the cork board with double sided tape. The little ’30 day family calendars have never had enough space to write down all of our schedules.

2) the large envelopes (on the corkboard) are used for teacher notes, school forms ect.

3) my ticket (the small blue paper). Graciously handed to me by a local RCMP officer who felt I did not come to a full and complete stop at the four way  intersection this week. Read More→

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Spring gardening. I don’t know about you but my yard is a MESS ! I am rather embarrassed by the state my yard has gotten into. Super mom of three, I mastered scheduling, running house and running a business. Keeping my yard up was limited to mowing the yard every two weeks.

yardSpring is here and all around people are cleaning up their gardens and yards. This year that one item is at the top of my Spring to do list. Clean up my yard.

Clearing the over grown blackberry bushes is the obvious starting point in my back yard and today I jumped through that step. Now I am looking for hints for spring yard clean up and now I am researching what comes next in Spring Yard Clean up.

This looks like a great tip and it’s my next step:

“Do you want new beds? If so, lay out newspaper 5 or 6 sheets deep, then add several inches of compost over the top. This kills existing vegetation by smothering it. Four months later, you can dig it up to work the compost into the soil. No sod removal is necessary. “ Click Here for more Spring Yard Tips

Would love to know your Spring Gardening tips.

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clutterdietYesterday my copy of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life arrived in the mail ! Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my thoughts as I work through the book and better YET – YOU could win a copy over the next few weeks!

My excitement was evident and my son was quickly caught up in it as we opened the parcel.  Upon opening the parcel, he was a bit disappointed to learn that the book was “about cleaning his room”. He perked up when I asked him to be my model though.

So just how do you win a copy of Lorie Marrero’s  book The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life?

The contest starts Saturday February 28th and runs through to March 14th 2009. (Hopefully this will be enough time for me to get through the book and share my favourite sections with you.)

During this time you can earn one entry for each of the following (be sure to comment and tell me which you have done and provide your email address in your comment):

1)  Tweet this contest out to your followers for one entry (you can do this each week for two entries).

2) Simply leave a comment telling me why you need this book

3) Mention the contest on your blog for two entries.

UPDATE: Contest is now over.

On March 14th one winner will be selected using and notified by email. The winner has four days to reply at which time a second winner will be selected. This contest is open to residents of the USA, Canada, UK, and Austrailia.

Good Luck !

The Almost Always Organized Mom

I was reading Cathy Bates Newsletter this morning and I have to share one of her Laundry tips. Everyone knows I have an obsession with laundry. Likely due to the fact that I have an ongoing nightly affair with my washing machine. This tip is one of the TOP reasons why I am able to keep up on the laundry for eight people divided by TWO homes (yes we are blending our families over the next year :).

One of my must maintain issues discussed when we decided to work together and blend His family of four and mine is this Laundry RULE;

* Fold and put away ALL clean laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Folding it when it is still warm keeps you from having to iron as much. Also you don’t have unfolded laundry reminding you that your work is never done. Cathy Bates – Professional Organizer –

I have to add my laundry saving grace – My children’s clothing is not in their bedroom (with the exception of dress clothing in the closet and one drawer of PJ’s). I have a white pantry (slim) for each child in the laundry room. All of the clothes come out of the dryer, are folded, and put int heir pantry. Each evening I pick out an outfit for the younger kids and bring it to their room (prevents fighting and saves time in the morning) and the two oldest simply grab their clothes in the morning.

Happy organizing !

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