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There once was a time when I was the Organized mom and I actually had a menu plan. Well at least a dinner menu plan !

So this week I am determined to actually work with a dinner menu plan. I have narrowed it down to some easy, quick dinners based on whats in the cupboard meal ideas and tried to think about what I can double cook for later in the week.

I am also thinking I may start using someone elses menu plans for the following week (payday is next Wednesday which will allow me to shop based on the menu plans). So I have started looking for a few different menu plan groups and menu plan e books.

So onto sharing my menu plan for the week (I didn’t plan menus for lunches, as my children eat lunch at school and I eat left overs or just have cereal :) ! )

Breakfast –  English muffins  cheese slices (melted on top)   oranges
Dinner – Spaghetti bread (bread machine dough) green salad *make extra ground beef for tomorrow

Breakfast – Poached Eggs Whole wheat toast Melon
Dinner- Tacos – Mexican Rice (rice cooker do you have one yet ?)  – tomatoe/cuke salad

Meal Planning for Busy Moms

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I have been managing my family’s schedule with my Blackberry successfully for some time, now I am testing out a variety of menu and shopping applications for Blackberry.

Blackberry has many great blackberry applications for moms. I am wondering how I possibly lived without my ‘MOM Blackberry’ !

This morning I downloaded Appetite to help me create menu plans on my blackberry. It has four sections;

Mom Blackberry Application

  1. My Recipes
  2. Get Recipes
  3. Grocery Lists
  4. Ingredients

I researched a variety of different blackberry applications for moms to use while plannign their family meals and shopping and this one seemed to have all of the tools I know I will need.

Download this handy Blackberry Application for busy moms at Simple Leap.

I am beginning to get the hang of scheduling six kids. Ok, I have cut back on work. I have cut back on sleep. I have cut back on painting my nails. (Really I actually did this every two weeks when I was super single mom of three kids!)

I refused to give up on my 7am-730am mom time and the kids are all on board after 3 weeks of my consistent reminders that until the alarm goes off at 730 am no one is to get out of bed. Wondering what I do for half an hour ? I should be working out but no, I am curled up with a coffee reading a book.

muffins3My mom time results in needing to get six kids from bed to van in 45  minutes. I could give away all my secrets, but instead I will just share one. Quick breakfasts 101. Muffins. Muffins and more muffins with granola yogurt days in between. (ok I do actually make other quick breakfasts as well.) Read More→

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Written by: Natalie Rivard
In too many busy families today, the family dinner is becoming a thing of the past. Unfortunately, fast food and restaurants are becoming the norm. If you frequently find yourself trying to decide what to make for dinner when you arrive home exhausted from work, these simple suggestions for meal planning will help reduce the stress in preparing your family’s meals and ensure they are eating properly.

* Planning before shopping is key. Get your family involved in planning meals. When your family has a say about what meals they would like to eat, they are more likely to help you prepare it.

* Make older children responsible for a meal.

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This busy mom spent five minutes throwing these muffins together tonight :) I love recipes that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less and muffins are a favourite of everyone in this busy family!

A great quick breakfast for busy families on the go (and great for lunches too !)

2 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
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