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Here are some tips from the Almost Always Organized Mom to help keep your organized and your budget under control as you complete your Holiday Shopping:

1) Know your budget. Sit down with your budget and determine how many gifts you need to purchase. Consider our current economy and avoid damage control next year by knowing your budget ahead of time.

2) Think outside the store. Hand made gifts, cards, poems, gift cards, home videos are all great affordable gifts that also encourage family participation.

3) Avoid the Lines. Shop during the week and early morning if possible to avoid the long lines on the weekend and evenings. Better yet shop online. There are GREAT deals at

4) How to wrap the BIG gifts. Stop by your local dollar store and purchase those BIG table clothes in red and green. Use some ribbon and voila big Christmas gift is wrapped !

5) Gift wrap central. Consider setting upĀ  a temporary holiday gift-wrap station. Include all the needed items to complete all your wrapping. I also personally use a different wrap for each child (so I know who the gifts are for but they don’t until I ad the tags on Christmas eve.

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I was surprised this morning with a wonderful free Holiday Planning Guide! The plan covers Thanksgiving, Christmas, and touches on other cultural holidays as well.

A few things you will find in the Free Holiday Planning Guide:

– Christmas decorating ideas

– Christmas games for children and families

– Holiday meal planning

– Gift ideas

– Creating Holiday Traditions for your family

– and some wonderful recipes.

This Almost Always Organized Mom gives the Holiday Planning guide by the Indie Biz Chicks (who have some great free business guides as well for women running their own business) two thumbs up.

Get yours today for free at their website. Click for a Free Holiday Planning Guide.

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Guest Article by: Jody Taylor

How to Truly Enjoy your Holiday Season!!

OK! Before the mad excess of overcrowded stores and Christmas carols on repeat threaten to overload you, I want you to take one minute. Relax and take a deep breath. Think back and remember that magical, cozy feeling that engulfed you during the Christmas holidays when you were a child. My memories feel warm; smell of sumptuous food; sound of old recordings of carols and hymns on the record player; and see dancing, colourful lights. I think back to that time and wonder how my feelings could have changed so much over the years.

Today, the Holiday season is a very different experience for many people. There are huge demands and great expectations placed on our time and finances and many people feel exhausted and broke at the end of it all.

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