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BlackBerry smart phones are marketed towards business people who need to work from home, from their car, from wherever they end up. The BlackBerry is indeed a business related phone, but it is also so much more than that. BlackBerry phones are not just for work; they are also great for fun and socializing. The BlackBerry application market is full of social applications, games, and other fun activities.

BlackBerry Facebook is one great application for socializing via a BlackBerry phone. Facebook is used across the world by all sorts of people, including business people, students, parents, and many others. With BlackBerry’s Facebook application, Facebook users can message one another, update their statuses, upload photos, share videos and music, and many more things. This is a great source of fun for BlackBerry users, and it is easy to use and free to download.

There are many BlackBerry apps that are related to fun and games, too. People can play a wide variety of games on their BlackBerry phones, including Solitaire, Hangman, jigsaw and puzzle games, chess, and even games for young children. Many BlackBerry games are free to download, and simple games do not take up a lot of memory in a phone. These game applications are a perfect way to have fun and relax after a long day of work or between important events.

It is true that BlackBerry phones are great tools for people who work hard, but these phones are also great for people who enjoy playing, socializing, and having fun with their smart phones.

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This questions from a new mom returning t o work arrived today. I wasn’t able to reply so I thought I would post her question.

“I am a first time mother who just returned to work on Monday! My head is spinning. I was once an organized person but i now feel life spiraling out of control. I read on this site that there are many Blackberry applications for moms to help keep them organized. I was wondering if there was a list of these applications somewhere on this website or on the internet? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.”

Although I don’t have a list – I will share with you MY SECRET for using my blackberry to keep organized.

Are you ready ? It’s not about a Blackberry Mom application. It’s about using a service that offers EVERYthing you need on a remote server so you can access it from HOME WORK and your blackberry.

If you are a busy working mom, busy stay at home mom, Busy work from home mom, you need to DUMP and simplify. To do this you head over to: and created yourself an email (then get RID of all the others – its a time waster.

With your new Google account you can SYNC directly to your blackberry AND to your outlook (where you can also download your GMAIL email), organize your calenders, and have access to everything from your desktop, remotely from work, and on your blackberry.

You can also:
Invite others to share with you – colour label your kids, work, personal appointments, in google calender – share documents you create (google docs) – budget & track payments in google (excel), create a monthly grocery list ect.

If you don’t have the time to ‘set it all up yourself. Check out Famundo -it’s $4.95 a month – but you have to sync to outlook then to your blackberry. Whereas Google will Sync Real time with your blackberry.

So my Mom Blackberry keeping it all together trick is GOOGLE.

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I have been managing my family’s schedule with my Blackberry successfully for some time, now I am testing out a variety of menu and shopping applications for Blackberry.

Blackberry has many great blackberry applications for moms. I am wondering how I possibly lived without my ‘MOM Blackberry’ !

This morning I downloaded Appetite to help me create menu plans on my blackberry. It has four sections;

Mom Blackberry Application

  1. My Recipes
  2. Get Recipes
  3. Grocery Lists
  4. Ingredients

I researched a variety of different blackberry applications for moms to use while plannign their family meals and shopping and this one seemed to have all of the tools I know I will need.

Download this handy Blackberry Application for busy moms at Simple Leap.