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This questions from a new mom returning t o work arrived today. I wasn’t able to reply so I thought I would post her question.

“I am a first time mother who just returned to work on Monday! My head is spinning. I was once an organized person but i now feel life spiraling out of control. I read on this site that there are many Blackberry applications for moms to help keep them organized. I was wondering if there was a list of these applications somewhere on this website or on the internet? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.”

Although I don’t have a list – I will share with you MY SECRET for using my blackberry to keep organized.

Are you ready ? It’s not about a Blackberry Mom application. It’s about using a service that offers EVERYthing you need on a remote server so you can access it from HOME WORK and your blackberry.

If you are a busy working mom, busy stay at home mom, Busy work from home mom, you need to DUMP and simplify. To do this you head over to: and created yourself an email (then get RID of all the others – its a time waster.

With your new Google account you can SYNC directly to your blackberry AND to your outlook (where you can also download your GMAIL email), organize your calenders, and have access to everything from your desktop, remotely from work, and on your blackberry.

You can also:
Invite others to share with you – colour label your kids, work, personal appointments, in google calender – share documents you create (google docs) – budget & track payments in google (excel), create a monthly grocery list ect.

If you don’t have the time to ‘set it all up yourself. Check out Famundo -it’s $4.95 a month – but you have to sync to outlook then to your blackberry. Whereas Google will Sync Real time with your blackberry.

So my Mom Blackberry keeping it all together trick is GOOGLE.

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I was reading Cathy Bates Newsletter this morning and I have to share one of her Laundry tips. Everyone knows I have an obsession with laundry. Likely due to the fact that I have an ongoing nightly affair with my washing machine. This tip is one of the TOP reasons why I am able to keep up on the laundry for eight people divided by TWO homes (yes we are blending our families over the next year :).

One of my must maintain issues discussed when we decided to work together and blend His family of four and mine is this Laundry RULE;

* Fold and put away ALL clean laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Folding it when it is still warm keeps you from having to iron as much. Also you don’t have unfolded laundry reminding you that your work is never done. Cathy Bates – Professional Organizer –

I have to add my laundry saving grace – My children’s clothing is not in their bedroom (with the exception of dress clothing in the closet and one drawer of PJ’s). I have a white pantry (slim) for each child in the laundry room. All of the clothes come out of the dryer, are folded, and put int heir pantry. Each evening I pick out an outfit for the younger kids and bring it to their room (prevents fighting and saves time in the morning) and the two oldest simply grab their clothes in the morning.

Happy organizing !

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Summer is here ! This summer I have decided that each week I will answer ONE reader question. (Maybe more.)

So here is your chance to ask away – family, home, work, organizing, time management, even your silly questions.

Ask away and each week one reader will will have their question answered AND I will send you a “suprise”.

“So how do stay-at-homes moms organize their time? I’m new at being a SAHM and I can’t seem to get anything done! I thought I would be painting the livingroom and resurfacing the deck by now!”

I think part of the answer is to acknowledge your individual style and family needs.

I am often told by others that they think I am super mom – but things are not perfect in my home. I get a lot done by taking each project and breaking it down into small realistic steps – but that’s another topic …

I also found when i stayed at home I would notice motivation would wane and I wasn’t getting out of the house. So be sure to schedule out of the house time :-) If you know you have to be up and out of the house every day at 9 30 am, you will be able to schedule what needs to be done before then and have the motivation to get it done.

If we “stay home” too much we tend to slow down (or at least I do :-)

I have never liked the term stay at home mom … you are a mom.

Staying at home implies you are in the home – but you aren’t – you are everywhere ! Out walking, doing errands, scheduling play dates, classes, homework, soccer, ballet, dentist appointments … its a full time job. I like the title CEO mom. Running a family is as hard as running a company.

So those big jobs you mention (even if it was tongue in cheek … tell me your partner (the one who works full time out of the house) how much time is in his schedule to be painting the living room and resurfacing the deck” – that’s how much time you have as a full time mom ! You both have full time jobs..

It sounds like if you want to schedule those other big jobs in you will be pulling an all nighter at the office (oops home) outside of your regular stay at home mom working hours.
Another tip : Each evening write a to do list for the small things you realistically should be able to fit in the next day- start with no more than 5.
Good Luck !

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