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5 Minutes for Mom is giving away TOYS TOYS TOYS!

You could win one of THREE Rose Petal Cottages, THREE Kid Motion Easy Dunk Basketballs, and TWO Made For Me Day To Dream Soothers. OR A LEGO® CITY Police Headquarters. OR A bébéPOD® PLUS baby seat. OR A Hasbro – Martian Matter. Kids can mold aliens and then play with them in the spaceship. OR Your choice of either the ExerSaucer® 1-2-3 Tea for Me™ Active Learning Center™ or the ExerSaucer® Mega Farm™ Active Learning Center™.
Five minutes for Mom is giving away twos over the next 14 days! So stop by and see what It’s about.

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event

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If you love personalized products as much as I do you will like this contest – Check out FeeFiFoto’s Mothers Day contest on their blog and you could win $50 from their online store.

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With 12 minutes to spare (thank goodness for Pacific Standard Time), I am posting Throw away Thursday.
I firmly not only believe but have proven to myself that keeping LESS stuff saves me time and my sanity. So every Thursday (maybe you can complete this on Friday ;) I challenge you to join my by throwing out something you really really don’t need. Of course if you can recycle that would be a better option, or if what you don’t need can be donated then by all means that would be a better route as well. So my challange for you is to join me by getting rid of those socks your washing machine didn’t want to eat.You know the OTHER sock. The one with a pink ballerina who has no dance partner ? Or maybe its just a box that has sat next to the washer for how many months ?. Just do it. Really you will feel good when you next do laundry.

A tip – train your children (your future daughter in law will love you ) to take their socks off , fold the tops and put them in the laundry. Keeping them in the same load next time around.

Tell me if you participated in Throw away Thursday by posting a comment and you could win a an amazon gift certificate worth $10 at the end of the month.

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OK, I am a mom, you are a mom. So I KNOW you have at least one embarrassing moment equal to mine. Care to compete ?

Stop by Shamelessly Sassy to share your story with other moms to be entered to win a $100 visa card to spend anywhere. Just imagine the great shopping spree you could undertake to create your very own family control center !

You will also want to consider stopping by to win $115 of relaxation tools from the Really Relax Contest. They want to know what you do to relax.

Good Luck

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OK- I have been watching the five minute mom blog prepare for their The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 for a few days and I just can’t help it. I have to join in and share it with you all.

Actually it was the video on their front page that resulted in my children running to see where the music was from and they twisted my arm. So Head on over to the party ….. Click Here

To those of you from the party … be sure to subscribe to my feed. Because you won’t want to miss out Mothers Day Contest next month!

So who is this Organized Mom at Organized Families?

I am a mother of three children – My middle son the “SPY” wanted to share the top secret desk of the Organized Mom …

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