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Moms2Ways Blog is giving away five copies of the book Mommy Grace. Canada and USA–Contest over.

Tara’s View is giving away some summer soles for your sandles, which hopefully we will be taking out soon :) Canada and USA. –Contest over

It seems all areas of my life are running behind again. The worst flu I have ever encountered hit our small town and it ran through both homes and all six children. As a result, I haven’t made it to posting at organized families.

To make it up to you … here are a few free online resources to get you through the week!

Menus for moms offers a free printable menu plan

Childzilla is offering their chores charts for kids website for free while they beta test.

Other Printable Kid Chore Chart Lists.

We’re working on getting together Chore Lists for Kids soon.

Have a great week.

The Almost Always Organized Mom

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I was surprised this morning with a wonderful free Holiday Planning Guide! The plan covers Thanksgiving, Christmas, and touches on other cultural holidays as well.

A few things you will find in the Free Holiday Planning Guide:

– Christmas decorating ideas

– Christmas games for children and families

– Holiday meal planning

– Gift ideas

– Creating Holiday Traditions for your family

– and some wonderful recipes.

This Almost Always Organized Mom gives the Holiday Planning guide by the Indie Biz Chicks (who have some great free business guides as well for women running their own business) two thumbs up.

Get yours today for free at their website. Click for a Free Holiday Planning Guide.

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My children’s school requires each child in grade three and higher to use a day planner. I think this is great, however, I watch my son struggle still with his planner.Aas a result I have begun looking for ways to begin teaching my younger two children a few more time management and organization skills.

I found an article on the Scholastic website that talks about introducing check lists to children. I think this is a great idea and it reminded me of a to do list that I made for my middle son to help remind him to perform some simple tasks.

I try to not have more then 10 things on my daily to do list (of course this is different from my never ending oh man when will I find time to do that To Do list) I find I can usually get through 7-10 items on top of my regular day. My son’s list (he was aged 4) only had three items.

So I have made a My first To Do List printable for your children aged 4-6. Please use this tool with your child. You may want to consider a reward if it is completed.

My First To Do List for children age 4-6 – Pink

My First To Do List for children age 4-6 – Green


Screen Shot:
To do list for children

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I know most people create their To Do List on Sunday or Monday and I am considering making Sunday our “to do day”, but there is a Tuesday TO DO list that we all should make. It’s Our Earth Day to do list.

I feel as though I live in the last city in all of Canada to get curbside recycling, and as a result I have let my recycling go down the tubes since moving here five years ago (you heard right – FIVE years). So my Earth Day to do list item was to get a system in place to start recycling ALL of may paper, metal, and glass products.

I purchased three large white round laundry bins that fit a clear recycle bag wonderfully and place them on the patio with a label printed from my computer. Refundable Paper/Cardboard and Metal/Glass recyclables.

Click here to print your own our family recycles sign and container labels.

Now I can simply throw it in the van when it is starting to look full and drop off the recycling with the kids on our way home in the evening. Of course I have been advocating for curbside recycling for some time and I am happy to say it looks like we will have a program here next fall!

Happy Earth day everyone!

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This basic planner page starts on Sunday and is a landscape calendar.

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