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Ok, like me you are a mom. Of course theres a number of other job titles that comes with being a mother. We know them, housekeeper, taxi driver, cook, coach… But above all that is MOM. It’s managing and keeping track of all those other titles that gets hard isn’t it mom?

Well I received the best Mothers Day gift this week and now I have to share it with all the other busy moms out there! Someone twittered a link to me last week for Jott. It’s free – really a 100% free task organizer for your cell phone! Access your Google Calendar, create To Do Lists, send text messages to a group, need to remind your kids about their family appointment. The great thing is, it works for a lot of different phones, whether you have a Nokia Windows phone or iPhone, and it’s easy to sign up for.
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This week I wanted to let you know about Profile MD Classic.

Finally a FREEware program to help keep your family health history not only organized but at your fingertips.When you Doctor or Emergency Room physician has a question, you will have the answers right there. Saving time and helping us advocate for better health care for our family. I have downloaded the program and installed in on my Treo 700, the site says it works fine in their virtual test, so hopefully I won’t be experiencing any problems with my Windows operating system but for those of you with a palm operating system, you should be fine.

I wasn’t able to find a Blackberry version but the closest thing I could located is located HERE.

Click here to check out

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Not just for electronic organizers… you can use this program on your desktop as well.

Splash Money allows you to keep track of your finances from your hand held…

  • SplashMoney Desktop application with two-way sync – allows you to view, edit, and print transactions on your desktop computer
  • Online banking — download transactions from your bank directly into SplashMoney on your desktop and handheld
  • Budgets and Reports with Charts

Available in four different versions this software can be used by any PC user.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC | Windows Mobile Smartphone

| Palm Operating System | Desk Top only

Having the ability to easily view how much money is in the bank and what your credit card balance is allows you to easily view where your money is being spent and as a result can cut down on impulse purchases.

This software receives a great review from Organized Mom – However the ability to download your bank transactions is limited to US banks only.

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I find my Palm Treo is great for keeping the children busy in lineups.

Its mom’s gadget and the only time they get to touch it is when mom is supervising making it special and as such it keeps them occupied.  I only have the two standard comes with XP games and this evening I thought I would look at what other games I could find.

You mak be asking how games possible are a time saving tool. Here’s my theory based on two scenerios.

Scenerio One: (no palm) Mom and child at drig store. Mom can we go ?  Are you done yet ? I want to go home. Mom is rushed knowing their child is going to melt down and forgets to pick up the cold medicine resulting in another trip back after the children are done their homework.

Scenerio Two: (with palm) Child happily sits in buggy playing allowing mom to take her time and shop, remembering all the items listed on her palm which she double checks before letting her child play.

I was delighted to discover FLASH CARDS ! that will help my children learn spanish while I shop.

So here are my top three keep your children busy while you shop Palm applications:

Declan’s Spanish Language Flash Cards with audio

Connect Four

Match – Memory Game

*Please be sure to ALWAYS scan any file you down load from the internet for viruses BEFORE you extract them.

Special thank you to Method 


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The electronic organizer of choice for this busy mom has always been a Palm. I have never been able to let go of my “paper” mom planner but my palm has always complimented my paper based family Organization systems.

Last fall I signed up for a new cell phone and went with a Palm Treo Smart phone. Which leads me to my morning discovery ….  Splash ID. I have encountered some technical difficulties with Vista on my work computer and one of the problems is that I have to reload all my email accounts for work which in turn pointed out a glaring concern in my organization system. I have NO one place to store passwords. OK, so I do, a little page in the back of my dayplanner that I attempt to encrypt with my own secret code. OK, I am not five anymore and unlike my son who loves breaking codes, I can’t remember what codes I used when I created some of these passwords!

Of course I have also learned that we need STRONG passwords and really shouldn’t be using the same password for all of our accounts (which i have remedied) but now I really can’t recall half my passwords.

So this morning I downloaded the 30 day trial of Splash ID and will be upgrading to a paid version if this works.

If you aren’t a palm user this program also works with your blackberry and a variety of other hand helds as well.

Click here to download your 30 day trial and see if it works for you.

It’s a great goal for next week to all you busy moms …  create a system for storing all your memberships and passwords in one place.

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