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Introducing another real ‘Almost Always Orgnized mom’ Cheryl Phillips;

cherylHow do you keep your children’s schedules together ?
I don’t overload my children with activities. If there is an activity they want to join (dance, etc) then that is fine. However, my belief is that concentrating on doing well in school and creative play at home are the best way to raise a child. I’m probably not going to be popular in saying that, but I see too many children “overscheduled”.

I like to eat dinner together every night. If there are activities, parties and other events going on, I just keep everything up on the family calendar (right on the refrigerator) so everyone knows what’s going on.

Do you use a particular day planner ? I used to. Then I’d leave it in my car and fall asleep before I could go out and get it.

Do you own a blackberry? Yes! I’ve had a BB for three years now. I went two months without it to test my endurance. I won’t do that again.

What is you most used ‘time saving tip’ when it comes to running your house?
I believe in doing the same routine every day. My children actually help me save time. They all have to put their things away after school, set the table for dinner, clear the dishes, etc. So, the biggest time saving tip has been for me to teach my children to help out. I rarely have to tell anyone to put away shoes or throw their laundry in the hamper. It becomes routine when everything has a time and place.

Do you have a favourite quick meal for your family? Yes. It’s a really basic recipe and dinner is ready in 15 minutes. Home made macaroni and a wayyyyyy lot of cheese, salad and fruit. Read More→

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I was thinking about my childhood summers last night. Tomorrow I am off to be a kindergarten mom helper for a day at the beach and just one more day before schools out for my children.

This summer I plan on taking the kids for a few camping trips (OK not real camping but the resort type where you have real washrooms and a swimming pool), and I started looking online for some new game ideas. I was wondering if I could find some of the board games I use to play as a child. A way to relive my childhood summer memories while helping my children create new ones.

I found this great shopping site that lists classic toys . I had never seen a wikki list for toys like this. I shop on ebay and a lot of online stores but I have bookmarked this one for Christmas shopping. Especially the Skatboard section. Finding toys for my ‘in between’ son can be hard and his birthday is coming up. I refuse to buy anymore video games.   I hear  dolls and doll houses are a no fail Christmas gift for little girls. . . . . .

Speaking of skateboards, if you haven’t yet, consider getting a skateboard rack for your sons. This is a great way to get them up off the floor and display their boards on the wall.

So I have managed to go from planning for summer vacation to starting to plan for Christmas. I wonder if there is a date in which you must start Christmas shopping in order to be officially an ‘organized mom’ ? Mind you with the current economic state it would be a good idea to start spreading out my Christmas shopping to ensure I am not over extending my budget at Christmas.  I can not believe I just went from summer holidays to Christmas!

Come to think of it, I should go out and buy some of those summer toys, that would make a unique Christmas gift ! You don’t see them out at Christmas time.

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Moms need sleep

Moms need sleep

I was reading a blog written by Karlana this morning where she talks about restless sleeps and a hard time shutting off her mind at night.

When I get into a ‘to do’ frame of mind (which often reminds me of those days of nesting as a soon to be new mom), I have a hard time shutting off my brain at night as well. Leaving this mom tired and grumpy in the morning.

My tips for moms needing to fall asleep faster:

  • Turn off all TV’s off in the house by 9:00
  • Create a calm environment with more lights off (energy saving too ;) and calming music.
  • Keep your bedroom tidy and a place of sleep.
  • Turn your computer off at least one hour before heading to bed.
  • Write a mom to do list each night before bed so you are not worrying about what you will forget the next day.
  • Go to sleep when you feel tired and learn your natural sleep rhythm. Some people only require 6 hours of sleep others (like me) need at least 8 to function coherently the next day. Not getting enough sleep will reduce your productivity the next day.
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Hello fellow moms and busy families! This Organized Mom needs to let you know that I have experienced some technical difficulties upgrading wordpress on my server, adding to my never ending to do list and chores to be done today;) So our regular Saturday Organized family and busy mom software review for busy families will not be gracing your screen :-)

Until tomorrow …. the almost always Organized Mom

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Good afternoon everyone,

I have been slowed down with a cold this week yet it looks as though we are still on our timeline to reach a goal of Re Launching all the printable tools and calendars for busy moms for April 1st.

You may see that the printable tools already uploaded will be off line as I change them from page posts to blog posts which will allow them to be catagorized and more easily searched.

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