4 Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room

The fact remains that the type of home builds we have today usually come with a smaller living room. But by decorating it effectively, you can make the smaller spaces look visually appealing and spacious. Think of it as a magician’s touch in interior design. In the following article, we discuss a few tips to decorate your small living room in a smart way…

#1: Select Light Furniture

When you’re decorating a small living room, you should select the furniture first. Look for furniture pieces that have legs and are light in color. Why? It’s mainly because lighter colors tend to occupy less visual weight, while the legs help in making the space appear much more open by providing a clear view of the floor.

Coffee tables, as well as end tables in glass and metal, also let the eye roam through the pieces, consuming a little amount of visual space when compared to dark wood, which gives the opposite effect. When purchasing light furniture, try and use discount coupons for West Elm so that you can save money without compromising on quality.

#2: Go for a Lighter Color Scheme

One of the important goals that you need to focus on is to use colors that go with your small living room, in order to give an impression of a much larger space. So when it comes to the color scheme, understand that cooler colors work great for your living room. But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the brighter colors – you can use hints of them in pillows or accent rugs.

Also, know that small spaces look the best with a “3 color pallete” or even less than that. In case you like texture, then think about using a monochromatic scheme. And finally, to get that clean and flowing feeling, you can go for bare woods that come in lighter tones

>#3: Use Mirrors the Right Way

It’s a well-established truth that mirrors can make a small space look much bigger than it is. However, using them effectively is not that simple. This is because mirrors work best through the reflection of light. This can either be the wall’s light color or simply the reflected light. So when trying to use mirrors effectively, you need to take notice of a few things. But before that, see to it that you buy a quality mirror for the room, not a cheap one. Be smart with quality and as well as the price; take advantage of Black Friday ads 2013 to get your mirror at a discounted price.

Get clear and be aware about what gets reflected in the mirror. You can check this by standing in different positions in the living room. This step is important because what reflects in your mirror can increase or decrease visual space. So if your mirror reflects the wrong thing then it can decrease visual space, which can make your living room look smaller.

#4: Focus on Vertical Lines

While you’re decorating your living room, don’t forget that it has a “vertical axis”, which needs to be emphasized. You should add things to this space so that anyone looking in the direction has his/her eyes move upward, away from the furniture. So what can these things be? What all can you use to emphasize the vertical lines?

To start with you can use floor lamps, full length draperies, big vases that come with tall twigs, long mirrors, matles, vertical/stacked paintings, tables with multi layered arrangements, mantles, etc. The choices are many, so choose something that goes with your taste and also complements the overall look of your living room.

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There are countless methods that people use to stay organized, and busy moms and dads looking to organize their families have a host of methods, resources and tools to utilize this seemingly foreboding task. Some people like to make lists and utilize paper planners, chalkboards or inspiration boards. Increasingly, however, mobile phones are able to do so much and so quickly that it’s becoming the go-to tool to get organized in our hectic lives.

We’ve featured a few useful family table apps–and some of these might be appropriate for cells phones–but there are other tips that can be specific to a mobile phone to stay organized.

Considering mobile phones are updating at a rapid pace, it’s quite possible you’re in need of a new phone. A lot has changed in just the last few years that might have rendered your old phone a bit obsolete.  First things first, consider a new phone and ditch last year’s model. You might wonder, “Can I sell my phone in order to make a little extra cash to put towards something new?” The answer really depends, but if your old phone is still useful, in good condition and not too old you can probably make a little money to put towards something new.

Once you’re up to date, utilize all the power and flexibility your new phone has to offer. Before you get to apps, use some of the native features your phone probably already has. These include features like specific ringtones for different contacts, special alarms, timers and reminders as well as text recorders and notepad features. Once you find a specific function you really like, do some hunting to improve on this.

Generally speaking, there’s probably a great app for free or for a small charge that improves on something you could really utilize to get organized. Apps can be useful for keeping to-do lists handy, jotting notes and maintaining calendars. Try some that might be useful, but don’t get carried away. Too many bells and whistles can easily overwhelm you and ultimately be counterproductive.

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We’ve had a few discussions on spring cleaning here at Organized Families, and we pretty much all agree it’s not the most enjoyable task in the world. Nevertheless, it’s pretty much a necessity in order to get your house cleaned and de-cluttered. In addition to that yearly task, just keeping your house clean and free from junk is an ongoing concern for all families looking to get their families organized and household in order.

A lot of families like to tackle these chores themselves, but it can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. In fact, sometimes it’s nice just to have some professionals get the job done right so you can focus on other more important parts of your family life. It’s a popular misconception that finding someone to clean your house or fix things for you is a time-consuming chore. However, a recent survey shows that although most people think it will take an hour or more to find and book a maid to clean your house, it actually can take less than a minute if you use the right service.

The folks at Handybook home cleaning can help take the stress out of both cleaning your home, but of also finding the right service for the job, be it cleaning your house of finding a handyman. You simply fill out your zip code and the service you need and you’re on your way to less stress and a clean home.

The online booking system is super easy to use and the platform is secure and confidential. The service providers are thoroughly vetted so you can be sure you’re going to have a reliable company with high standards provide the work. The process is simple from beginning to end, and what’s best, you get to stop worrying about working through a never ending spring cleaning checklist and let a reliable professional get the job done right.

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Family planning and organization is really the focus here and we try to stay concentrated on those tools and resources to really help with this goal.  We have featured some very useful computer programs, tablet applications and phone apps, all geared to getting things organized and putting your family on the right track. We do, however, like to have a little fun now and again.

If you want to have a little fun and relax from these organization tools and resources, and if you like to play games, you might want to consider free slots on Facebook. It’s the perfect way to unwind and give some fun slot games a try. You might not be able to hit Vegas or Atlantic City as often as you would like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play some great slot games.

The graphics and interface for this slot app on Facebook is pretty remarkable. I started playing for a bit and really had a great time, getting quite caught up with the game and the action. I shared the app with a few of my friends and family and they also had a good time playing.  The game became really quite addicting and I spent a good bit of time on it.

It’s obviously important to use your time wisely and plan accordingly to organize your family and get things planned and scheduled. However, you need a little down time to unwind and relax. Considering the assorted ways we use our time online, including a lot of the useful apps and programs, not to mention printable chore charts and other fun worksheets, there are more than enough ways to stay busy online. But, you never know if you’re just going to be disappointed or not. With the free slot app on Facebook, you’ll at least know you can have a good time and get your slot machine fix in.

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I’ve spent a bit of time here featuring useful printable tools and worksheets including checklists, chore charts, menus, planners and other helpful organization tools. I also try to pass the word when I find some useful printables from others that might be of use to my readers.

The folks over at Scholastic have a great selection of printable worksheets including different math sets for different grades and other focused sets like their Pre K Lesson Plans. They do offer a limited number of free resources in each category, but the bulk of their offerings come as part of their premium subscription. In fact, you get access to the entire line of Pre K to 8th grade in all different subject areas like Science, Math, Language Arts, Reading, Arts,  Holidays and so forth. Really a handy box of tools to have for any teacher, including those with home schooled children.

I’ll definitely be featuring some more useful printable tools throughout the year, including some great worksheets for back-to-school time as well as chore charts and other useful checklists. A lot of these will be free and functional but I will also point out deals like these that are affordable and extremely useful for particular groups like teachers and stay-at-home moms.

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