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By guest blogger Cathy Bates

Whether you have kids returning to school in a couple of weeks or you just have a busy life, routines can help you make the most of your time. They will help you accomplish all you have to do in your busy schedule, leaving time to enjoy life.

We all tend to have more time in the evening than we do in the morning, so it’s nice to accomplish the jobs can the night before. Here are some ideas for tasks you can add to your evening routine to make your morning less hectic:

• Lay out the clothes you plan to wear the night before so you are not running around in the morning looking for what you need or finding you need to iron an item.
• If you or your child takes a lunch, prepare lunches the night before and refrigerate it. Then you can just grab and go in the morning.
• Pack backpacks or briefcases and have them ready by the door to grab on the way out. Read More→

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family calendarsThis evening I get to start my back to school shopping. It seems all three of my children have grown more then 1.5 inches this summer which means even after pulling out the stored clothing totes I will find myself shopping for more then school supplies, shoes, and jackets for September.

Of course trying to balance what I need to purchase against my budget is always a juggle. This year I decided to purchase some back to school basics online. Of course I also did some local shopping. It is important to support our local merchants !

My biggest obstacle this upcoming school year will be scheduling. My oldest son is heading into Jr High so I will have two schools worth of events to keep track of.

I purchased a large ‘desk calender and plan to reorganize my ‘family control center’ next week.  I have also started moving around every-one’s bedrooms – bringing my office upstairs (right next to the family control center. Hopefully the changes when they are all done will help keep us more organized and save time.

I have to admit I am counting the days down until school starts.  No more hot cranky kids at the end of the day and I am craving the morning routines.

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The recent heat wave here in my valley has created havoc for my children’s sleep routines and moods. Everything has been turned upside down from keeping up on laundry to getting kids to sleep at night. Needless to say I have been thinking I better fix this before school starts (and I am looking forward to school starting ;)

This  morning found me up an hour early and my day seems off to a great start. While getting caught up with some emails I stumbled across a great little contest I though I wold share.

Organize 1 2 3 is offering a back to school contest giving away their books:

Three Steps to Decluttering
Three Steps to Organizing Your Child’s Room
Three Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen
Three Steps to Planning Dinner (ebook)
Hassle Free Dinners (ebook)



Click Here to enter

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