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Closet Questions – Should it Stay or Go?

Stumped as to what to keep and what to get rid of? Try asking yourself these questions to help you define what should be in your closet:

1. Do I love it and feel good when I wear it? We want to feel good and empowered when we leave the house in the morning for work or head out for our leisure activities. We should be comfortable and confident.
2. Does it flatter my figure or did I just buy it because it was on sale, it fit me, I was depressed, I was celebrating or it’s the latest trend? We have to know our bodies and what really looks good on us. Forcing a trend on an unsuitable figure is just not attractive.

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Memories or Maybe – What’s Your Clutter?

It seems that a lot of our excess clutter can fall in to two categories: things from the past or things that we might do in the future. The most important things in our lives are those that are with us in the present: those items we use frequently and enjoy regularly. These are items we use for daily tasks as well as items we actually use for self-improvement (not hope to or plan to use). Being stuck in the past or dreaming of the future creates mental and physical clutter.

Do you hear yourself saying?

I can’t let that go, it belonged to…

That was a gift, so I have to keep it…

I loved that…

I used that all the time…

That was my favorite…

I paid a lot of money for that

These are statements related to your past. Our emotions tied to our past or someone else’s in the case of inherited goods leads us to cling to these items.

The occasional trip down memory lane is pleasant but when we overly surround ourselves with the thoughts and feelings of the past we stifle our growth as individuals. Examples of these items are baby clothes, wedding videos/paraphernalia from failed marriages, gifts and inherited items that do not suit our taste/needs. Clothes, toys, records/tapes from youth are others. Read More→

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The recent heat wave here in my valley has created havoc for my children’s sleep routines and moods. Everything has been turned upside down from keeping up on laundry to getting kids to sleep at night. Needless to say I have been thinking I better fix this before school starts (and I am looking forward to school starting ;)

This  morning found me up an hour early and my day seems off to a great start. While getting caught up with some emails I stumbled across a great little contest I though I wold share.

Organize 1 2 3 is offering a back to school contest giving away their books:

Three Steps to Decluttering
Three Steps to Organizing Your Child’s Room
Three Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen
Three Steps to Planning Dinner (ebook)
Hassle Free Dinners (ebook)



Click Here to enter

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Well it arrived. My 35th year. For years I have been saying ’35 will be the best year of my life’ and now I have to make sure it is.

To launch my 35th year, this almost always organized mom needs some inspiration, organization, and new goals. This week is all about inspiration  for a tired mom who needs to increase her energy and to that she needs some motivation!

Although I have made some great leaps organizing my children’s schedules, my personal space has suffered as a result. My yard is a tad overgrown, my room lacks an inviting feel and some days my ‘almost always organized’ feels like we may be on time but my home is no longer my respite.

When I tell others how to find my home my response for the last year has been ‘You can’t miss my home. Its the single mom home with the use to be brown picket fence and overgrown shrubbery.’

Standing by the Declutter Guide’s advice of letting go of perfectionism. I started painting that use to be brown fence yesterday. My mother arrived to help and I let my children get messy with me. Read More→

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