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Organized Families is excited to share tips with you from a real mom. Melinda blogs at Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent read on to learn how she keeps it all together as a busy mom.

mldHow do you keep your children’s schedules together ?
I’m a big list maker. For my nine-year-old, I have a list of basic things for him to do when he comes home from school, including homework, putting away his laundry, putting his lunchbox on the counter (so I’m not searching for it frantically 10 minutes after we were supposed to leave) and setting the table if it’s his night.
For my daughter, who is 12, I’ve learned that rigidity with pre-teens just doesn’t work, so my requirements for her are a little more basic. (I have more important battles to fight!) Before she can be on the computer (her favorite thing), she has to finish homework, tidy her room and read a little bit from a devotional book.
I don’t give my kids a lot of time to unwind after they get home from school. It doesn’t work for us. They get off track and then it’s a homework battle at 9:30 at night when my patience and energy levels are on empty. Plus, they both have sports practices, so they really need to get homework and other responsibilities done right away.

Do you use a particular day planner ?
I use a planner called “Hot Chocolate.” I buy all their notebooks, too. They are so fun and funky that I’m more likely to make lists and keep on top of my schedule. I need all the incentive I can get!

Do you own a blackberry?
I don’t. Although my daughter told me today that I “need” to get one. She claims my current cell phone is “so lame.”

What is your most used ‘time saving tip’ when it comes to running your house?
I’d say, “Don’t procrastinate!” Leaving dishes in the sink, for example, makes them so much harder to clean the next day. The more you let things pile up, the longer it takes to dig out. I don’t always follow this, but when I do, it makes my life so much easier. Read More→

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OK- I have been watching the five minute mom blog prepare for their The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 for a few days and I just can’t help it. I have to join in and share it with you all.

Actually it was the video on their front page that resulted in my children running to see where the music was from and they twisted my arm. So Head on over to the party ….. Click Here

To those of you from the party … be sure to subscribe to my feed. Because you won’t want to miss out Mothers Day Contest next month!

So who is this Organized Mom at Organized Families?

I am a mother of three children – My middle son the “SPY” wanted to share the top secret desk of the Organized Mom …

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I established Organized families in 2001 as a means to distribute a free printable dayplanner I designed for busy families.

The site has undertaken a few twists and turns and last year I attempted to launch an online organizer/planner for parents with the help of a contracted programmer. The year has brought many changes and it is with renewed enthusiasm that I am working on a plan for a new direction at .

I look forward to bringing back the resources inspired by a busy mom for busy moms along with humour and real life posts to remind you all that super mom really only exists on the other side of the door. Inspiration to help you make it through your day, goal setting, parenting resources for our busy lifes, children, and families.

Tips and trick to help you save seconds, minutes, and hours because just like that savings account at the bank, every penny counts!

Our new template should be up and running in time for the site to re launch officially April 1st 2008 ( Yes April fools day!)

I have decided to blog through the next few weeks to remind you all that Organized Families really is run by a busy mom with three children ! This way you can see all the hard work and tears put into the relaunch.

Welcome back moms, parents, and families …

Organized Families – Resources for busy families will relaunch April 1 2o08.

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