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Les Mess Card GameWe’re all looking for clever ways to get our kids to participate around the house, especially when it comes to getting organized and cleaning up clutter.

Well, the Les Mess Organizing Card Game is just the trick to help accomplish these oftentimes difficult tasks.

According to their website, “LES MESS, a fun interactive card game that teaches children how to clean up after themselves and manage their possessions.”

Les Mess recently sent me a deck of these cards to try out and my kids have had quite a bit of fun with these.

The game is set up so that your child draws a card and then does the task in the allotted time.  There are also “Bonus” cards that allow the child a free day or some other twist.  You can then set up the game to offer a prize or reward when the task is completed.

This game seems like a handy way to get your kids involved in tidying up his or her things as well helping out around the house.   Ideally they will then become a bit more aware of keeping things organized and develop a habit of picking up more often.

Guest Post by Beverly Coggins

Overwhelmed by all you need to do? Write it down! Make a list of everything you need to do.

Next, assign a day to each task. Those things that are most important and urgent should be assigned to an earlier day. Beside those items you will do on Monday, write an M. Put a T beside the things you will do on Tuesday, and so on.

Then, look at the items you have on your list for today. Prioritize them by putting a 1 beside the most important and urgent item on the list, 2 on the next, etc.

By tackling #1 on your list, you know you are doing the most critical task on your list. Even if that’s the only thing you accomplish today, you know you have spent your time on the highest priority on your list. Read More→

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By guest blogger Cathy Bates

Whether you have kids returning to school in a couple of weeks or you just have a busy life, routines can help you make the most of your time. They will help you accomplish all you have to do in your busy schedule, leaving time to enjoy life.

We all tend to have more time in the evening than we do in the morning, so it’s nice to accomplish the jobs can the night before. Here are some ideas for tasks you can add to your evening routine to make your morning less hectic:

• Lay out the clothes you plan to wear the night before so you are not running around in the morning looking for what you need or finding you need to iron an item.
• If you or your child takes a lunch, prepare lunches the night before and refrigerate it. Then you can just grab and go in the morning.
• Pack backpacks or briefcases and have them ready by the door to grab on the way out. Read More→

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I am not sure where to start when describing how incredibly busy I will be this week.

I am starting a series of mom interviews to feature bloggers and get some of their great tips for organizing and time management for their families this week. All of which will be posted here at Organized Families.

If you are interested in being interviewed please drop me a note through the contact form.

I also have a client blog to complete, an aupair training manual to write for Rod’s new aupair (my boyfriend for those of you who are new to my crazy life blog), another client who needs help getting started on twitter to promote their blog, a fence to finish staining, invoicing, and you know the daily life of being a single mom with three children !

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Well it arrived. My 35th year. For years I have been saying ’35 will be the best year of my life’ and now I have to make sure it is.

To launch my 35th year, this almost always organized mom needs some inspiration, organization, and new goals. This week is all about inspiration  for a tired mom who needs to increase her energy and to that she needs some motivation!

Although I have made some great leaps organizing my children’s schedules, my personal space has suffered as a result. My yard is a tad overgrown, my room lacks an inviting feel and some days my ‘almost always organized’ feels like we may be on time but my home is no longer my respite.

When I tell others how to find my home my response for the last year has been ‘You can’t miss my home. Its the single mom home with the use to be brown picket fence and overgrown shrubbery.’

Standing by the Declutter Guide’s advice of letting go of perfectionism. I started painting that use to be brown fence yesterday. My mother arrived to help and I let my children get messy with me. Read More→

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