Articles for Organizing

When I get a few moments to myself I often enjoy strolling through the cosmetics counters at our local pharmacy. Then I get my purchases home and out of the package. Try to find that same mascara three weeks later…

I recently purchased a beautiful antique linen cabinet with glass doors to keep my bathroom times organized, finding a way to utilize all the available shelf space and still enjoy looking at the cabinet (since you can see through the doors ;) has been an adventure.

I have made a few purchases and am now awaiting the arrival of them to my doorstep. Check these out –  this acrylic organizer can be easily washed, has 9 cosmetics, and the removable lipstick holder holds up to 12 tubes.

I learned long ago that keeping my desk organized at work would save me time searching for things. I am applying this theory to the craziest part of my day, mornings.

I have always wanted a towel holder like the ones you see in your hotel room – I actually found them.

Please let us know what types of tools you use for organizing your bathroom.
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